Monday, August 9, 2010

What's happening?

I've been busy knitting and listing on a fairly regular basis... I have gotten almost all of my finished cloths listed as well as the green cowl.  I still have a cloth trio set to photograph which has proven to be one of my biggest challenges.

Currently on the needles are two projects and both are very close to being complete!  I have another up-cycled item, made from a heavy thermal shirt.  I'm not sure at this point if it will be another long cowl or perhaps just a scarf.  It feels like it will definitely be cozy either way!  My other item is the purse I've been struggling with for a bit.  My first attempt was done up with needles a little too big for the yarn and a pattern that was a little too complicated for the size of the bag.  I simplified the pattern and switched to smaller needles and am loving the result!  I plan to make a strap long enough so the purse can be worn across the chest.  It should be great for holding all your must-haves like a cell phone, wallet, and keys, along with a some other small items such as travel tissues or a pill case.