Monday, December 13, 2010

Special Requests

I've done a couple special request knits recently and they aren't posted on Etsy.  I'm always open to try something new or even a variation on something already in the shop.  There are also some things that I've done before but just haven't listed in the shop.

My first request was a dishtowel set.  The main component is a hand towel with a flap that can be looped around a fridge or drawer handle and buttoned on.  That was accompanied by two matching dish towels.

Next up was a couple of variations on shop items.  The across the body purse in the shop was knit in a gray yarn, the special request was for the purse to be black.  This actually was perfect because I happened to have the same yarn in charcoal!  The cozy cowl was also wanted, but in red.  I was able to purchase the same yarn in red online and am currently waiting for it to arrive to complete the request.

Special requests are fun to do because it's exactly what the person wants, not just close enough.  Even if it's just a color change, I'm happy to comply!