Tuesday, September 27, 2016

Turning tshirts into yarn

I I have a bunch of old kids clothes that are too worn to be hand-me-downs but I can't just throw them out either 😄. So I decided I'd crochet some rag rugs!  First step is turning the shirts into strips...

I got a cheap quilting tool set from Michaels (along with a mat) and got to work turning t-shirts into strips.  #1 cut the sides all the way to the end of the sleeves #2 make strips, DO NOT go all the way to the other side, work in zig zags, go all the way up to the top of the shirt including the sleeves #3 wrap it up into a ball

Check out my next post that shows you what you can do with this yarn! http://denknits.blogspot.com/2016/09/crochet-rag-rug.html

Crochet rag rug

Size Q (15.75mm) crochet hook (I tend to go up about two hook sizes when following crochet patterns, so you may want a smaller hook than I used)

Tshirt strips (I used 10 medium boys shirts for mine)

This is my 'recipe' for the rug I crocheted.  I hardly read crochet patterns, let alone write them, so please be kind 😊 

Chain 6, join the end to the beginning with a slip stitch

6dc into the circle

Ch2, 2dc into each dc from the previous row (12 dc)

Ch2, (1dc, 2dc) repeat around (18dc)

Ch2, (1dc, 1dc, 2dc) repeat around (24dc)

Continuing slowly increasing by working a dc in every 4th, every 5th, etc stitch until the rug is large enough or you run out of strips.

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