Saturday, July 29, 2017

Thursday, July 6, 2017

DenKnits BONUS 2 Tour de Fleece 2017

Today I recorded a short video to share my finished skeins so far.  I plied my little spindle project that I showed last time and finished up another 3 skeins!

DenKnits BONUS Tour de Fleece 2017

Tour de Fleece runs along with Tour de France and it is where fiber artists spin along with those bicyclists spinning their wheels.  It runs from July 1 - 23 and there are two days off along with two challenge days.  Usually I just spin along casually, but this year I joined a team with the Bookish Stitcher podcast.

In this video, from July 2nd, I show a little how I prepped some of my fiber, what I spun on the first day, and how I prep a batt for spinning.

DenKnits 4.10 WIPs

I cover some of my current WIPs in this video from June 24th.  I'm mostly working on crochet these days, as summer tends to be my time to really want to crochet :-)