Sunday, May 17, 2015

DenKnits 3.10 Weights that trip me up

Finished Objects - FOs

  • Citron Shawl in my Darn Good Yarn silk handspun
  • Eye of the Storm Nursing cover up revision out of Cascade acrylic
  • Blanket design for Darn Good Yarn with their Velvet viscose yarn
Works in Progress - WIPs
  • Haven't been able to do much lately, plan to get to it later today
Out & About
  • Looking for test knitters to join my DenKnits team!  While I can't compensate now beyond undying gratitude and a free pattern, if we grow together there will be more to come!
Side note

Sunday, May 3, 2015

DenKnits 3.9 - Almost Monogamous

Finished Objects

  • Chevron Cowl out of Desert Vista Dyeworks Worsted It!
  • Shawl design for Darn Good Yarn with their beaded silk lace weight
  • Weaving experiment
Works in Progress
  • Design for Darn Good Yarn with their Velvet Viscose yarn
  • I've been busy the past two weeks mostly working on designs, new and old.  I had a lace shawl pattern released through Darn Good Yarn that was found to have an error.  I talk about the process of reading your knitting and fixing designs.