Tuesday, February 21, 2017

DenKnits 4.7 No clever title

My original Sweet Six Wrap is worn throughout but not clearly enough as to give anything away.  I show off both the original and the one I made during the MKAL starting at 11:36 and ending at 14:26.

Intoxicated Socks - yarn by Cornbread and Honey, my usual vanilla sock
Sonoma Stole - Stonehedge Fiber Mill Crazy, 4 skeins, paid pattern
Bulky sweater - making it up as I go
Crochet and knit squares blanket

Leading Men Fiber Arts - handspun falkland, might make the 2 in 1 from 1
Sweet Six Wrap- paid pattern by me, I used Fiber Addiction and A Tree Huggers Wife for the original; Cascade and assorted leftovers for the MKAL version

Cornbread and Honey - sock yarn as mentioned above and merino fiber, 2 braids of the same colorway
RhodaBear locks
Clear Converse!  To show off handknit socks

I recently saw some accusations flying that made no sense to me.  Indie dyer 'A' was claiming someone bought her yarn under a 'fake name' and in pictures knitting with it stated she dyed it herself.  The proof didn't really prove anything in my mind.  And while the current point Indie dyer 'A' was trying to make - that Indie dyer 'B' was claiming 'A's work as her own - there was also an apparent jab at a past incident without ever stating what said incident was.  Meanwhile many took this to be a case of stealing colorways.  Being a knitwear designer, I can understand feeling a sense of ownership on something you created.  However, I can also understand that the creative process can lead two people down a different path to the same end result.  While I make it a point not to copy others, inspiration comes from everywhere and sometimes it happens inadvertently or it just comes out similar.  Hopefully that sums it up and I will get on with my real point :-)

I felt like Indie dyer 'B' - from now on to be known as Cornbread and Honey - was being unfairly accused and having her business hurt.  I decided to be a secret shopper of sorts and test her out.

My experience was overall great.  I received a beautifully dyed product and it met my color expectations as based on her photos.  The yarn did appear to have sparkle in the photo but the description/fiber content didn't mention it.  The description also didn't mention if it was ready to ship or dyed to order.  I usually assume if it's not mentioned, then it's ready.  I noticed since that most of her listings do say which they are.  I decided it was likely dyed to order, wouldn't have sparkle and could take up to two weeks based on the info from other dyed to order listings.  I ordered on a Sunday for after two weeks on the following Monday (at the latest) I expected it to ship.  I received the shipping notice mid day Monday and it arrived on Wednesday (Ohio -> Michigan).

My only other comment is regarding the roving fiber content.  The listing said it was 19.5 micron merino but the label I received says 18 micron merino.  I do love it though and I plan to either pre draft very well or make it a thick 'n' thin yarn.

I've already shared my honest review with her directly and we've had a nice chat.  She filled me in a bit on the past incident (it was a case of her being accused of stealing colorways) and how she was now trying to build up a following again.  She was also very gracious to offer a refund on the roving fiber since it was a different micron count but I would not hear of it.  We've even discussed a future collaboration!

My bottom line here is not to say who is telling the truth and who isn't.  This is the internet and we can never know anything for certain.  I just don't believe that someone can hold claim to colors and if someone else uses them similarly that it can be called stealing.  You'll get your customer based on more than that, including price point.  Some people just can't afford the higher end dyers and will seek someone within their price range.  I also don't like how it came across as though there was this gang of Indie dyers who jumped at the opportunity to bash someone trying to make it as they themselves once were.