Saturday, June 20, 2015

DenKnits 3.12 A little bit too colorful?

Finished Objects

Works in Progress
Did you knit in public on WWKIP???

Acquisition - Spin this box

Designing - in the works, a worsted weight item with Agrestal Yarn; test knitter for Cafe Poncho

Saturday, June 6, 2015

DenKnits 3.11 Spinning Bug

Not sure why, but iMovie is not working for me... I've been trying to upload to YouTube for a week now and the app keeps crashing.  My file is too large to do a direct upload to YouTube without compressing and I haven't figured out how to do that and keep it unzipped.  At this point, the only way I have found to get the video up it using Picasa from Google.  You can watch following this link: DenKnits 3.11  If I can ever get iMovie to stop crashing I'll get this up to YouTube then.  Hopefully I can figure something better out by next recording!

Finished Objects - FOs

  • Baby Sophisticate
  • Baby Newsie Hat
  • DGY Chevron design
Works in Progress - WIPs
  • Lotus Flower Blanket
  • Socks
  • Steel city shawl
  • Age of Brass & Steam ?
  • Blue Barn Fiber
    • 2 sets of rolags spun individually as singles, then 2-ply together using cake method
  • Highland Handmades
    • 4 oz Shetland braid from Stitches East
      • Split the braid in half lengthwise and then each into thirds widthwise
  • April Spin this Box
    • Phoenix Fiber Co 1.6 oz rolags of merino, silk, faux cashmere, viscose, tussah silk, firestar, and angelina
      • Spun singles, then felted/fulled them
    • Topeka Twister 2 oz braid of merino and bamboo
      • 2-ply using cake method, did not split braid
    • Snerb 1.5 oz 4 mini batts of merino, alpaca, sari silk and angelina
      • Spun singles long draw then 2-ply with mulberry silk
    • Six Fingered Kitty Fiber Arts 1/2 oz teeswater locks
      • Tail spun and 2-ply with mulberry silk
    • Fiber J 1 oz mulberry silk gradient dyed
      • Spun singles
        • 2-ply from the darkest end first with the locks
        • 2-ply from darkest end left with the mini batts
        • Leftovers left as single, mostly white
Out and About
  • Holland Fiber Friends
    • small group meet up over Memorial weekend
    • June 13th next meet up for World Wide Knit in Public Day
      • Look for a local meet up near you!
      • If you can't find one, go knit in public anyway!
Shared Projects Drawing
  • Since I apparently forgot all of April and so far this month I drew 2 names to win a $5 or less Ravelry downloadable pattern.  PM me on Rav or email me.
  • Currently swatching with new Darn Good Yarn called Fuzzy Acrylic
  • The kits sold by Fiber Addiction that I contributed a pattern to, which also had fiber by Fiber Addiction, a spinning bag by Chasing Acorns and a spindle by TurtleMade, were picked up by StephenBe to be sold at his awesome shop!