Wednesday, April 30, 2014

My favorite things...

It's ready!  I've been thinking about this forever and I took the first step with my listings today... DenKnits - My Favorite Things can be found on Square Market or at

I'm starting out by offering kit subscriptions.  The sooner you purchase the cheaper it is, and there's also a discount for paying in full up front.  If you purchase the 3 month set in May you will be sent the first kit in June, second in July and the last in August.  If you purchase in June or later it will take approximately two weeks to ship and you'll be sent the kits in order.

Since these are preorders I don't have pictures but I'll do my best to describe them and you can always ask questions!

June's kit is the 'That Sunset was Bananas' shawl kit which includes your choice of 4 skeins of banana fiber yarns, a shawl pattern, a tape measure and a little surprise.

July's kit is the Two in One Cowl.  You'll receive one skein of your choice chiffon ribbon yarn which is enough to make both cowls in the pattern included.  A set of size 50 heirloom quality cherry wood needles and a surpise will also be included.

August's kit is Llama hat.  The basic kit includes one skein of llama yarn in your color choice, a pattern that contains two hat designs, a stitch marker and a surprise.  You can add on a second skein of llama yarn for a discounted price if you want to make both hats.

The shop also has pins (or buttons) in stock that are 1" round with the DenKnits logo.  I love collecting these pins from dyers, podcasters or other fibery friends so I couldn't resist makings own!

I have many big plans for the future so if you don't see something that grabs you this time keep checking back for more of my favorite things!

Saturday, April 26, 2014

DenKnits 2.8 No Edits

I recorded on my iPad today instead of the computer... I forgot how difficult it was to edit and upload more than 15mins so I didn't edit.  I think it went fairly smoothly so you shouldn't notice a big difference except for the titles I like to put at the bottom occasionally will be missing.

Designing - Tulip Top should be available for purchase May 10 or 11.  Testers are still working but one is finished!  We'll do some sort of KAL for mid-May to end of June that will include this top.

WIPs - Charity KAL I am making a lap blanket in the Cashew pattern from Alice's Embrace out of                   Hobby Lobby 'I Love this Yarn' worsted held double.
          - Blanket Squares are still slowly being worked on to create a couch blanket for family
          - Liverpool colorwork that started as a hat but will now be a scarf

FOs - Mizzle by Patricia Martin for the DenKnits KALRAL or you can join Karen of stashless using Martina Behm patterns

Spinning FOs - last 2 samples finished, Llady Llama Fiber Co. and Into the Whirled
                       - Greenwood Fiberworks braid finished as a 3-ply turned 2-ply
                       - Fibernymph Dye Works batt just under 2oz, unsoaked single ply ~270yds

Podcast love - Inspired Knitting
                     - Smells Like Yarn
                     - This Home Spun Life

And thanks to Wendy aka pennywenny from Knit1Hearttoo podcast for trying to help me get on iTunes... I haven't figured it out yet but maybe someday...

Sunday, April 13, 2014

DenKnits 2.7 Generosity

Finished Objects -
     Kitty Beans gifted, black and orange, a new free pattern from RetroLemon
     DGY Two in One cowls - new free pattern from ME!
     Rock Socks my vanilla sock knit out of Fiber Addiction yarn
     More Kitty Beans, a smaller orange one and a brown one

Works in Progress - 
     Blanket Squares working towards 35 total squares, knitting square 14 now

     I finished a Mizzle from Patricia Martin Designs for our group and my Hitchhiker - a Martina Behm pattern - for stash.less
     Pick a pattern from these designers and join along!  You have until April 30th!

Charity KAL
     Alice's Embrace is a group knitting shawls and lap blankets for dementia patients.  They have everything you need to know on their website, including patterns!  For every 10 FO's posted to our thread I will do a drawing for something :-)

     I'm the proud foster parent of a Ladybug spinning wheel for a few months and was given lessons this weekend at a local Knit 'n' Spin along with great encouragement from the other spinners.
    I have finished 3 1/2oz fiber samples and have two braids to get me started, one gifted with the wheel from Greenwood Fiberworks and one I purchased for myself from Spun Right Round

Sunday, April 6, 2014

Two in One!

Today I sat down with one skein of Darn Good Yarn's Reclaimed Chiffon Ribbon yarn and my size 50 knitting needles.  I had an idea and got to work.  The result is what I'm calling the 'Two in One'.  With just the one skein and my one pattern you can create two types of cowls!  

The first one is a shorter, necklace style cowl... Perfect for summer!  
The second one is a longer loop style cowl that you can either wear long or double it up to give you a little warmth.  

You can made one of each style out of one skein!

Without further ado... Here is the pattern:

Twisted Infinity Cowl

DGY Reclaimed Chiffon Ribbon
Size 50 needles

Provisional cast on 10st
Knit until approx 30 inches long 
Put provisional stitches back on needle and twist the work
Kitchner the ends together 

Long Loop Cowl

DGY Reclaimed Chiffon Ribbon
Size 50 needles

Provisional cast on 10st
Knit until approx 55-60 inches long 
Put provisional stitches back on needle, do not twist
Kitchner the ends together