Sunday, February 16, 2014

DenKnits 2.3 Giveaway!

DenKnits 2.3 Giveaway!

Darn Good Yarn tote bag winner is drawn

Finished objects:
Works in Progress:
Review of bamboo needles purchased through ebay from sfcdirect

  • From the local yarn store in addition to the Opal 6-ply Sport and the Soleil in turquoise, another Soleil in pea green and Sirdar Baby Snowball in multiple colors
  • Lollipop Yarns in Sweet Child o' Mine
    • Quick discussion on my spinning history including the Ashford drop spindle, a DODEC wheel and now...
  • Turkish Spindle from Cattail Knits
  • Merino Fiber from TreLiz
I am trying to add this feed to iTunes...  If you have a moment can you help me out and see if you can find DenKnits there and if so can you see any videos?

Saturday, February 1, 2014

You Must Take Credit DenKnits 2.2

Ironic title as I was watching back, editing  and I realized that in the beginning, talking about myself, I didn't want to take credit for my work.   Yet later on I wondered why my friend wouldn't take credit for her part and I realized what I'd done...  Do you easily take credit for your knitting?

DenKnits is Denae, denmoma on Ravelry and Instagram.  There's a DenKnits group on Ravelry and Facebook.  

Giveaway!  Going on until 2/15 for a Darn Good Yarn tote bag.  Become a member and post in the thread an interesting fact about you as a knitter.

In other Darn Good Yarn news... My Llama hats pattern is up on their site, for sale with three skeins of their llama yarn.

Acquisitions - Sirdar, Jojoland Rhythm, Cascade Souk

WIPs (Works in Progress) - Entrelac scarf in Souk; Miranda sweater in SWTC karaoke (knits n things podcast KAL); test mitts for MelTran Designs in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light

Something fun!  I found some funnies while I was editing that didn't belong but were too silly to delete, hope you enjoy the laugh :-)