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Indie Designer Gift-a-long 2017 - Hats!

While this event is in it's 5th year, this is my first year participating as a designer.  The Indie Gift-a-long is a great way to prepare for the holidays!  You'll find all the info you need on the Ravelry board and there are a bunch of other threads you'll want to check out also depending on how you want to participate.  I'll let you explore the Ravelry group to get all the details so I can share with you some of my favorite finds!

I was able to browse the participating designers thread a little early and ended up with over 400 favorite designs!  There's likely not enough time for all those so I need to narrow down who I can gift knit/crochet for.  Then I organize that list based on who I want to gift most and then I'll start making and see how many I can get to!

One of my must makes is a hat for DH.  He saw a brioche hat I made myself and was impressed.  So I decided I must find a good brioche hat that is masculine and not too fancy.  My pick is Autumn Vibes!  I've followed Knit Graffiti, mostly on Instagram, for a bit now and I love many of her brioche patterns.  Last weekend I was at a LYS and was able to find some beautiful and soft merino yarn perfect for this hat.  One color is a little bright and the other is dark, so I think they'll make a perfect contrast for brioche.

A little further down the list I have at least 3 more hats I could gift.  One would be a sister hat.  I struggle with picking out something that I think she'll like versus showing her some options to be sure I've got her style right...  So far I'm leaning towards hats that are slouchy and maybe with lace, she lives in a warmer climate so cozy hats aren't really useful.

Sweet Clementine is a sport weight, crochet hat.  I really like the stitch on this hat, which I believe is a bobble or popcorn type stitch.  It's also just the right amount of slouch with a nice ribbed brim.  Speaking of crochet, sport weight hats, the La Villa Lace Brim Slouch Hat is another good contender.  This one has a different stitch on the brim that is a little like lace ribbing.  The body of the hat is not really lace or openwork at all but it has nice slouch.  I also found two knit hats that look good but a bit more complex.  The Lacy Screech Owls Hat might not be very slouchy, but the lace is innovative... it looks like owls!  While I really like this one, I need to remember I have time constraints... fingering weight and lace might not work.  The DK hat, BUX might be more appropriate... while there is some lace the heavier weight yarn will make it a little faster.  I also really like how the crown decreases form a star.

My other two possible hat recipients I imagine wanting somewhat plain and manly hats.  Preferably with a foldable brim so that it is more likely to fit.  The worsted weight Syndicate is a good pick, there are several sizes to choose from and you can't go wrong with a ribbed hat.  Also made with worsted weight, the Pangani Hat starts with ribbing, but the body has a bit more detail between the rib.  This one also has a few size options but with less built in length, I'd have to modify to get a folding brim.  With a subtle difference to the 1x1 rib, the crush worsted weight hat is also a possibility.  This one is a one-size design but with slouch that could be folded up.  I think my best bet is going to be the Mount Rainier Hat.  Also a worsted weight design, it is mostly a ribbed pattern but it transititions into knit at the crown decreases in the most interesting way!  And... I just realized all my picks are knit.  There are many more knit designs in the GAL but don't worry there are plenty of crochet designs I'll be sharing also!

There is a chance I'll be making a holiday hat per one of my children's request.  I found a few options to chose from in the GAL.  How about sheep santas?  Fleece Navidad has you covered!  It's a worsted weight hat made with stranded colorwork.  This might be a little time consuming, and I'm more likely to appreciate the sheep, so that'll probably be for me.  Another worsted holiday hat with a twist, Akua's Christmas Tree Pattern is a crochet tree hat!  So cute and think of all the fun things one could add to go over the top...  For a more traditional santa hat I found two options.  Mrs. Claus Pointy Hat is written in multiple sizes for worsted weight yarn.  While the name might make my son dismiss the hat, I think this is a good contender for all kids.  Just in case, there is also the Festive Mood which has directions for DK and worsted weight along with many sizes.  This one features a brioche brim and directions for the 'Jolly Elf' or 'beanie' style hat.

Since the GAL runs until the end of the year (just remember that the discount on purchases only runs until 11/28) there could be time for selfish knitting also!  In that vein I've picked out some of my general favorite hats to share with you also.  The Nina Z is an aran weight hat that utilizes BOTH knit and crochet!  Said best by the designer "A simple crochet mesh transforms this basic hat into modern and stylish accessory." I definitely want one of these!  The Mendia Hat is one I've looked at for a while now.  The twisted ribbing detail gives it a little something special while it's still a fairly simple DK knit hat.  Fleur De Love is another DK knit hat that features colorwork in the daisy stitch, I can envision this with many shades of purple!  The sport weight hat, Hick City look so cozy with a good amount of slouch (or beanie optional!) and slipped stitches for use with at least two colors.  If you've got the time, the fingering weight Persian Windows Hat would be fun with some left over yarns.  The striping is so interesting with the special knit stitches used.  The Caffe Latte worsted weight hat can convert to a cowl and still makes a super cute hat!  I can't resist a cute brioche hat and with it's art deco and flapper style it's a must make for me.  The Maddness hat will knit up quick with bulky yarn in two nicely contrasting colors.  For a simple, slouchy crochet hat, look no further than the Bistro Beanie.  I think this would be perfect for a variegated, indie dyed DK weight yarn to really show off the colors.  For a little variation, I wanted to include the Oxford Headband.  Crocheted in worsted weight yarn, this would be perfect for those messy bun days.  

What will you be crafting for the GAL?  Any of the hats here strike your fancy?  Be sure to share on the Hat & Other Head Things thread so you can be in the running for PRIZES!

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DenKnits BONUS 2 Tour de Fleece 2017

Today I recorded a short video to share my finished skeins so far.  I plied my little spindle project that I showed last time and finished up another 3 skeins!