Saturday, January 14, 2017

DenKnits 4.6 Oohhh... I'm so good at this

I guess two months really puts me out of practice for this...  I've managed to get through a recording regardless, with a bit more 'uh' than I'd like along with plenty of mis-speaking :-D

Warning!  I am wearing a finished Sweet Six Wrap.  It's not too revealing of the pattern and shouldn't spoil any mysteries!


  • Wild Wool Farm
    • 2-4oz braids, split into 4 2oz sections.  Spun green 2oz into n-ply, spun 2oz green and 2oz pink/purple onto each other in a 2-ply and plan to spin last pink/purple 2oz into n-ply.  
    • Hope to make a crochet plaid item from Whistle and Ivy
  • Weaving Loom kit from 5 below
    • Yeh it's cheap!  But it's function and fun!
  • Spinning kit from Napa Valley Fiber with contribution from Fairytalespun