Saturday, January 21, 2012


I have extended the offer of handknits to any Facebook fan for little to no cost! So far I've done three requests and am looking for more. Only one has been delivered so I don't want to share too much on the others yet...

Number one was a slouchy hat, to cover poufy hair :-). I got some lovely yarn from one of my LYS, Lizzie Ann's. It turned out to match the winter coat perfectly. I used a cable hat pattern I got in a knitting e-newsletter and it worked up just right. I blocked it like a beret and it gave just the right slouch after that.

Next up was a hat and/or wrist warmers in bright colors. I had recently picked up some yarn that fit the bill perfectly, and I had enough to make both requested items. I used a cable pattern for wristers but modified it more to my liking, and then took that idea to make a hat pattern. Those still need to be rinsed and blocked before I can send them off.

Lastly I made some super warm mittens. They are your basic mittens in black but were needed in a larger size than can be found in stores by the requester. An extra touch of cross stitched BCA ribbons were added in pink. Those also need to be rinsed an blocked once I confirm that the finished measurements sound like the right size.

So what next? Looking for more takers so I can keep busy with items people really want and not just a bunch of hats that sit around my house!

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