Saturday, June 23, 2012

Lots of work and video podcasts

While I am still busy knitting, real work hours have taken a jump so I haven't had much extra time to talk about the knitting.  Besides my usual random knits, I had a request for two summer cropped cardi's which I am working hard on completing.  I have one down but I think it needs reshaping... they're lacy and I think I blocked it too aggressively.  I also have a grad present hat I'm about to start as a gift.  I worked on some quick baby knits for a new baby boy in the extended family as well. 

For a little background noise I like to watch shows on the internet while I work.  I recently became obsessed with video podcasts on knitting and after pulling almost 100 from iTunes based on name/description alone I've gotten through over 75 in an effort to find all my favorites.  I am honestly amazed at how many there are on this topic!  I am keeping notes and look forward to sharing my ratings and favs.  I have no intention of putting any down, rather I plan to list reasons why my favs suit my taste and why I'll pass on some others... although honestly there are very few that I plan to completely pass up!

Here are a few pics of recently finished objects (taken by iPhone)
Baby H bib, cloth and toy

Purple tank top for me

White lacy cropped cardi

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