Monday, February 18, 2013

Baby knits, a wedding shawl and a doggie sweater

Work has been quite busy lately and while I always find time to knit, I don't always find time to keep things related to my projects updated.

After getting all my holiday knitting done I was able to finish a couple items for myself with special skeins. A shawl from CJ Kopec yarn I purchased at the Michigan Fiber Fest, an Entrelac cowl out of Noro from a shop I visited in Fargo and a hat out of Malabrigo from the same shop.

I designed a lovely (if I do say so myself) shawl for a cousin's wedding, which took a good amount of time between designing, knitting, and note taking. When things slow down a bit I hope to write the pattern out to share.

There are three babies due (or already done) in my life so I had lots of items I wanted to finish for them. I've gotten a pair of tiny socks, two pairs of booties, and one sweater finished with a second sweater on the needles now. Another set of booties are planned to finish a set and then possibly one more baby item.

Between all the baby stuff I had a request... One of my holiday knits was a dog sweater, and it was such a big hit that a second one was in order. He's a smaller dog so it's a quick knit and I am back to the baby stuff.

So many things are on the ever growing list and I've tried a couple ways to keep that in order. One thing I've tried to do more often is utilize all Ravelry has to offer in the way of pattern organization. As far as the yarn goes, I've gone as far as putting together a bag for a particular project with needles and everything (only to have it sit so long I picked most everything out) to my current, simpler process of just keeping the yarn I want to use soon in a special bag that's always handy.

No matter what though, I'm sure I'll never run out of things to knit or yarn, inspiration and organization are easy to get along the way...


  1. I really like that shawl - very pretty!

  2. I wish I'd had the chance to take more pics, and finished re-writing my notes right away... chances for a complete, written/charted pattern are washing away