Sunday, March 17, 2013

A couple days, a few more, and a couple more

Well, I guess I remembered why this took so long to finish...  Just when I thought I was on a roll and enjoying the afghan, it started to seem like it was getting nowhere again.  Then I ended up with more work than I anticipated.  So a couple days turned into a few more, and then a couple more, and a week later, I have finished knitting the afghan!

Started well over a year ago (2/24/12 to be exact-Thanks Ravelry!) it seems rather appropriate this knit containing yarn colors Dublin, Peapod, and Umber would be completed on March 17, 2013-St. Patrick's Day.

It measures a bit over 5 feet (long enough to cover me head to toe!) and probably about 3 feet width-wise (ankle to waist on me, or outstretched arms-able)

This used up almost every bit of my 3 skeins of Dublin, 2 and a bit of the 3rd skein of Peapod, and 3 plus 2/3rds of the 4th skein of Umber.

I ended up modifying the color pattern in the end because I was running low on the colors called for and had plenty of Peapod left.  Honestly, Peapod is my favorite color in this, and I wish I would've used more of it...  But this is for the living room and that may have come across to bright.  

The pattern was easy to memorize, but did require constant counting.  I tried to get away with knitting by sight only to find that wouldn't help until it was too late.  I will definitely use the pattern for another blanket because I really love the look of the zig zags.  Two more are on my list, and the yarn already purchased, variegated and self-striping.  It will be fun to see how those turn out!

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  1. Love it! I really like your color choices. =)