Saturday, February 1, 2014

You Must Take Credit DenKnits 2.2

Ironic title as I was watching back, editing  and I realized that in the beginning, talking about myself, I didn't want to take credit for my work.   Yet later on I wondered why my friend wouldn't take credit for her part and I realized what I'd done...  Do you easily take credit for your knitting?

DenKnits is Denae, denmoma on Ravelry and Instagram.  There's a DenKnits group on Ravelry and Facebook.  

Giveaway!  Going on until 2/15 for a Darn Good Yarn tote bag.  Become a member and post in the thread an interesting fact about you as a knitter.

In other Darn Good Yarn news... My Llama hats pattern is up on their site, for sale with three skeins of their llama yarn.

Acquisitions - Sirdar, Jojoland Rhythm, Cascade Souk

WIPs (Works in Progress) - Entrelac scarf in Souk; Miranda sweater in SWTC karaoke (knits n things podcast KAL); test mitts for MelTran Designs in Berroco Ultra Alpaca Light

Something fun!  I found some funnies while I was editing that didn't belong but were too silly to delete, hope you enjoy the laugh :-)


  1. GO INVERSABLES! I have some yarn ready to cast on as soon as I have something off the needles.

    1. Yes! I love 'em :-). Don't know why they took me so long...