Sunday, June 22, 2014

DenKnits 2.12 FIFA Fever!

WIPs -

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Swap - 
  • Square swap is started!  Happy to have more...  Will trade items I've already knit, special request knits and even a square if that's what you really want :-)
  • Reconsidered learning crochet because of these squares as well as seeing a how-to article in the recent Knitty issue
Book Review (this is the end of the podcast in case you don't care to watch) -
  • Knitting in the Old Way by Priscilla A. Gibson-Roberts published in 1985 by Interweave Press
  • My favorite sections include 
    • Traditional Yarns
      • information on different fibers but mostly wool and the pros and cons of it
      • Spinning worsted and woolen
      • The 100 yard Rule
        • WPI will tell you approximate gauge, estimate which needle size you'll need and give you an average yardage for an adult medium sweater
        • Also gives you the math to average yardage for different sizes
    • Sweater Plans
      • How to take gauge and use that information in formulas for constructing the sweater
      • Different kinds of sleeve construction
      • Different kinds of sweater shapes
      • Color stranded sweaters with charts
      • Traditional sweaters and the regions they came from with charts
      • Textured sweaters and the regions they came from with charts
      • Geometric patterned sweaters and the regions they came from
    • Spinning Techniques
      • Fleece selection tips
      • Fiber prep how-to
        • Carding = woolen prep
        • Combing = worsted prep
      • Yarn types
        • 'S' and 'Z'
        • Woolen and Worsted and multiple variations
      • Fiber types best for yarn type desired
      • Plying tips
      • How to finish the spun yarn
  • It also includes 
    • Introduction
      • Sweaters, the history and culture of
      • Patterns as we know them were not really used
    • Origins 
      • Spinning and weaving were around before knitting
      • The oldest knit item found was a cotton sock in Egypt dating around AD1100
      • Knit items began for the rich but the artisians who sold to the rich made items for their families as well
      • Industrial revolution halted most handknits
      • Sweaters likely started as undergaments for the artisians and their families
    • Knitting Techniques
      • English vs. Continental
      • Equipment you would need
      • Basic techniques such as
        • Cast on
        • Increase/Decrease
        • Bind off
        • Kitchner grafting
        • Diagrams and charts and how to read them

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