Sunday, September 28, 2014

DenKnits 2.19 - I feel like I'm rushing but...

Super quick ep today!  So many secret FOs and WIPs make for a short podcast I guess :-)

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FO - Iris Goddess of the Rainbow Shawl out of Sheep Dreamery yarn

WIPs - Bender hat design out of Encore worsted
         - Socks out of Highland Handmades Sugar Maple Sock in Haven Colorway

Designing - DGY designs include a cape/cowl out of the felted ball wool, a top out of reclaimed sari silk ribbon and suede and a child's hat out of Yickity yak.

I also worked on some fingerless mitts that are a secret gift not seen by the recipient yet so those will be shown another time.

Spinning - Finally got back to the TreLiz merino in shades of purple that was originally spun on my Cattail Knits turkish spindle.  That was taking too long so I spun the rest on my wheel.  I've got around half done now!  Plan to 3-ply by the chain or Navajo-ply technique.

I received a birthday skein of yarn that I think I forgot to show on the podcast.  It's an indie dyed skein from Twin Mommy Creations purchased at Four Purls in FL.  She does also have an Etsy shop, but I can't find this Peruvian Highlands wool in it, what weight yarn do you think it is???

Since there wasn't much to show I talked a bit about upcoming events, including Stitches East and Knittin in the Mitten.  I'll be at both, will you?  Make sure you find me and say 'Hi!'


  1. I absolutely love that you featured and love the yarn that I dye :) I am Twin Mommy Creations... the Peruvian Highland is actually a fingering weight... and knits up really nicely on size 2 or 3s... but I think that a cape would be amazing... I can not wait to see what you create with it and I absolutely loved watching your video :) Hugs from Florida, Ann

  2. Hi Ann! So cool that you found the video :-) I really felt like it was probably fingering but it was so darn floofy I couldn't believe it! I hope to get to that soon but there are so many things to knit and not enough time it seems :-( I hope you come back to see when I do finish something!