Sunday, January 25, 2015

DenKnits 3.2 Followships

Giveaway on my Facebook fan page for DenKnits will be running until tomorrow, Monday February 26, sometime in the evening.  Become a fan and enter to win!  You can get either the finished item or a kit to make the Asymmetricowl.  If you don't win but would like to buy either of these, check out my shop on Square Marketplace.

Finished Object - Four to One Beanie I made out of YarnHollow Twisted

Works in Progress
- Darn Good Yarn designs, recently finished the banana fiber version and a lux fiber version is currently being knit up
- TreLiz poncho design out of her DK weight yarn Tsunami colorway, frogged back to the seed stitch beginning and re-knit with different decreases; pooling is looking different but hopefully the flashes show up again!
- Measure in Love which you can get either through Ravelry or Megan's First Giving page by donating you will receive a coupon code for one hat download;  I'm using my handspun batt from Joanna Spring of KnitSpinFarm to make the short cowl version of the pattern
- These are the Breaks is being knit up out of Reynolds Rapture (discontinued) for the KnitALong on Instagram #hooigkal2015 that runs through the end of February; all Oblivious Knits patterns on Ravelry are 50% off (no coupon code needed!) until February 1st

No other WIPs were touched in the past two weeks, nor was the wheel :-(

- Locks from Bricolage Studios on Etsy  and she also has a big cartel shop
- Bamboo crochet hooks from Amazon

Needle comparision
- my old interchangable needle set from Clover Takumi
- my new purchase from Amazon ChiaGoo Spin

Ravelry groups/threads
- Podcast Junkies is a group that talks about podcasts, one thread in particular is an interesting read, especially for other podcasters 'What drives you crazy about podcasts'
- I've set up a thread in the DenKnits group 'Give me YOUR opinions' for you to tell me how you enjoy the podcast (or what you don't!), but feel free to leave a comment on this blog post or the YouTube video

It's a small world...
Although I don't generally talk about podcasts I watch (that would take forever and a day!) I wanted to tell you about another podcaster because she is local to me, Erin Joy Knits, and as it turns out we had a previous connection!

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