Saturday, April 4, 2015

DenKnits 3.7 Words escape me and the dog whines

Finished Objects - FOs

  • Not Liverpool Socks - Dyeabolical yarn
  • Owlie Mitts - Louisa Harding Jesse
    • Chikwithyarn Etsy shop now open!
  • Fun & Games Cowl - Pink Amingo dyed Darn Good Yarn
  • Market Totes - Darn Good Yarn Chiffon and Sari Ribbons
  • Batt made at Michigan Fiber Fest Uniquely Yours Design booth
  • 2-ply from out and inside of cake
  • Not soaked yet so no yardage
Works in Progress - WIPs
Out & About
  • The High Fiber Diet Craft Day in Grand Haven last weekend
  • May THFD get together at Wonder Why Farm
  • April Holland Fiber Friends on the 11th from 12:30-4:30p
  • June World Wide Knit in Public Day get together through HFF at Centennial Park 

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