Saturday, June 6, 2015

DenKnits 3.11 Spinning Bug

Not sure why, but iMovie is not working for me... I've been trying to upload to YouTube for a week now and the app keeps crashing.  My file is too large to do a direct upload to YouTube without compressing and I haven't figured out how to do that and keep it unzipped.  At this point, the only way I have found to get the video up it using Picasa from Google.  You can watch following this link: DenKnits 3.11  If I can ever get iMovie to stop crashing I'll get this up to YouTube then.  Hopefully I can figure something better out by next recording!

Finished Objects - FOs

  • Baby Sophisticate
  • Baby Newsie Hat
  • DGY Chevron design
Works in Progress - WIPs
  • Lotus Flower Blanket
  • Socks
  • Steel city shawl
  • Age of Brass & Steam ?
  • Blue Barn Fiber
    • 2 sets of rolags spun individually as singles, then 2-ply together using cake method
  • Highland Handmades
    • 4 oz Shetland braid from Stitches East
      • Split the braid in half lengthwise and then each into thirds widthwise
  • April Spin this Box
    • Phoenix Fiber Co 1.6 oz rolags of merino, silk, faux cashmere, viscose, tussah silk, firestar, and angelina
      • Spun singles, then felted/fulled them
    • Topeka Twister 2 oz braid of merino and bamboo
      • 2-ply using cake method, did not split braid
    • Snerb 1.5 oz 4 mini batts of merino, alpaca, sari silk and angelina
      • Spun singles long draw then 2-ply with mulberry silk
    • Six Fingered Kitty Fiber Arts 1/2 oz teeswater locks
      • Tail spun and 2-ply with mulberry silk
    • Fiber J 1 oz mulberry silk gradient dyed
      • Spun singles
        • 2-ply from the darkest end first with the locks
        • 2-ply from darkest end left with the mini batts
        • Leftovers left as single, mostly white
Out and About
  • Holland Fiber Friends
    • small group meet up over Memorial weekend
    • June 13th next meet up for World Wide Knit in Public Day
      • Look for a local meet up near you!
      • If you can't find one, go knit in public anyway!
Shared Projects Drawing
  • Since I apparently forgot all of April and so far this month I drew 2 names to win a $5 or less Ravelry downloadable pattern.  PM me on Rav or email me.
  • Currently swatching with new Darn Good Yarn called Fuzzy Acrylic
  • The kits sold by Fiber Addiction that I contributed a pattern to, which also had fiber by Fiber Addiction, a spinning bag by Chasing Acorns and a spindle by TurtleMade, were picked up by StephenBe to be sold at his awesome shop!

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