Sunday, August 30, 2015

DenKnits 3.17 Enough Design Talk

Finished objects - FOs

  • Cowl design out of handspun corespun from Winding Wool Creek Fiber Mill
    • Already test knit, should be available soon!
  • Handspun cowl/poncho (concho?) from hand carded fibers spun gradiently
    • Didn't turn out how I planned so I don't intend on publishing
  • Baby Bandana Bib
    • Used Louisa Harding Jesse
  • Hat design out of Wool Sundae worsted weight yarn
Works in progress - WIPs
  • Practice corespinning with core I purchased at this year's MFF and fiber purchased at last year's MFF
  • Handcarded black merino from FiberJ with sari silk ribbon threads and corespun, then 2plied it
  • Handcarded other unknown fiber with sari silk ribbon threads but haven't spun the rolags yet
  • Drop spindling!  Happyfuzzyyarn on the TurtleMade turkish 3D spindle
  • Test Knitters Call!
    • Cowl out of DK, 475yds
    • Poncho out of DK, 800-1000yds?
    • Hat out of worsted, 220yds
    • Cowl out of worsted, 200yds?
    • Long cowl out of worsted, 185yds
New to me Videos

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  1. Is it weird for me to say that I want to come over and just squish and feel and play with all the yarn you just got??