Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Thriftiness strikes again!

Not sure if it's the warm weather today or what but I was itching to check out the thrift shop for yarn...  So I set out and I was in luck!  

As you can see this is a rather eclectic group :-)  A dig to the bottom of a bin of "crafty" magazines found the 1960's vest pattern leaflet.  Then I went through the yarn they had on the shelf.  There were a good amount of skeins compared to previous excursions but no extraordinary finds this time.  I did manage to keep in the retro mood and grab two Kmart brand yarns along with a couple other more current brands and some unknowns.  

I skimmed through the pattern enough while in the store to know it was one knit and one crochet, however I did not realize until later that the flower motif on the knit vest and hat were not incorporated into the pattern but added later.  Now I'm not sure that I'll be using this pattern but I'm still happy with the find!

I know at least two of the yarns will make a good purse but not really sure what I'll be doing with the others.  The red Kmart yarn is a pretty big skein so I'm trying to think of a larger project it might be nice for.  I'm lucky to have found two skeins of the blue Red Heart so that can be something a little larger as well.

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