Friday, September 16, 2011

Why I neglected the blogosphere for five months

I still don't like telling this story, but I can bear to write a bit more than the condensed version.  We awoke in the middle of the night, May 14-15, to a fire in our living room.  My family, including the dog, made it out a front window and our cat was found later alive and well in the basement.  We had little more than the clothes on our backs and as it turned out, not much else was salvageable.  Thanks to the generosity of family and friends and what turned out to be pretty darn good insurance, we managed to accumulate a couple more earthly goods.  Our "home" became a hotel and then an apartment.  Our house turned out to be a big ticket redo or find somewhere new.  We decided to move to a new town, just across the state, where we also had some family.

We are in a new town, a new school for the kids, new friends, the house had to be filled with new, or new to us, furniture and decor.  There were more new clothes to buy, dishes, electronics, the list goes on and on.  Once all the work was done there was time to reflect and I realized the past four months feel like a dream and I just woke up in a new life.

Besides the fact that Den went through this, what does this have to do with DenKnits?  Well, first off, I lost all my yarn stash and supplies.  I lost all my Etsy shop pieces.  I even lost a good share of my personal handknits.  When I got back to purchasing a couple of needles and some yarn, I knit just for me.  After a couple of months I got back to doing a couple special order and shop items.  I've now accumulated two hats, a scarf, a cowl/earwarmer, and a clutch specifically for the shop, with a couple projects on the needles and many plans for many other items, just need more hours in the day!

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