Saturday, March 1, 2014

DenKnits 2.4 Repetitive Fillers

I seem to say things like 'um' and 'so' and others many times in this episode, sorry about that.

Finished Objects - Sport weight socks; Owlie Sleep Sack and Owlie Hat #2; a quick ribbed hat; 'Secret' knitting, designs for Darn Good Yarn

Works in Progress - Merging Ripples Shawl; Opal socks for myself; Blanket Squares; Cotton summer top

March Knit along - A Finish along where you can pick up something you haven't touched in February and hopefully finish it in March.  Ideal for a project that was set aside because you had questions, ask the group!  Also for a project that was set aside because you got sick of it, the group can cheer you on!  Inspired to pick up this cotton top from the stash.less podcast plant fiber craft along.

Spinning - 0.8 oz of CJ Kopec Creations superwash BFL spun on my Cattail Knits turkish spindle, a little more to spin and then on to plying with the fiber spun on the Dodec wheel

Acquisitions - Inspinknity blocking wires

Future KAL - In April Karen from stash.less and myself will be hosting a joint race along... Pick your group based on designer, find a pattern from that designer (free or paid) and help your group get the most done to be winners!  More details as they are worked out

NinaKnits410 watch episode 2.3 and contact me :-)

DenKnits Ravelry group discussion for this episode

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