Thursday, March 13, 2014

DenKnits 2.5 Uncontrollable Sun

This episode shows no foresight into the way the sun moves across my windows thus I am slowly blinded by the sun.

Finished Objects - Flamenco Socks; 3 more quick ribbed hatsMerging Ripples Shawl

Works in Progress - Blanket SquaresCotton summer top

Knitting soon - Leg warmers for a cousin in Peace Fleece; socks from Fiber Addiction; Mizzle with North Cabin Fiber Crafts Johnson Pass

March Knit along - A Finish along where you can pick up something you haven't touched in February and hopefully finish it in March.  Ideal for a project that was set aside because you had questions, ask the group! Also for a project that was set aside because you got sick of it, the group can cheer you on!

April KAL - Karen from stash.less and myself will be hosting a joint race along... Pick your group based on designer, DenKnits is using Mizzle designer Patricia Martin, find a pattern from that designer (free or paid) and help your group get the most done to be winners!  Both groups will have a separate draw for a Ravelry pattern download and whichever group has the most FO's will be in the running for yarn from the host of the losing group.  If I end up doing a yarn giveaway it may be this, this or this.

Share the Love - The Sampler Girl Podcast with Tanyamarie (on Rav) aka bzmama (on IG) has an audio podcast on iTunes as well as a video podcast on YouTube!  She's having a spring KAL called 'Spring Rain'; The Spritlyknitter podcast with Orange-maid (on Rav) aka sprite966; Lise from Greece who has an Etsy shop TreLiz, on Rav she's treliz and treliz_yourowlyarn on Instagram.  Share more on the board!

I'm wearing my Sockhead hat but forgot to mention it.

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  1. Great episode. The sun has been out in several podcasts lately. But, it's nice. Means spring is on the way! Love your shawl, it's beautiful. I've been looking for some of the clasp thingies like you have so I will have to go search out on etsy to find some. Thanks for sharing!