Thursday, July 15, 2010

Let's go on a ride!

The thought of having your own shop is a dream for many.  It used to be a lot of planning, sweat and tears that went in before a shop was opened.  In this age, with all that is at our fingertips, being able to sell items is getting easier and easier.  Does that mean everyone should just jump in and give it a shot?

I attended an Etsy Virtual Lab today and learned a lot, then again, I can learn a lot every time I go into the shop owner area of Etsy.  Anyway, the speaker, CraftyChica, made a comment that has really stuck with me.  I can't quote her exactly, but it was to the effect of, it's hard to actually be perfect and if you are, you might be kind of boring.  I can really relate to this because I get so excited about an opportunity like this that I don't spend as much time researching ahead of time as I probably should.

Sometimes I do feel like the person who just dove in, but deep down I know I have given this thought, research and some trial and error.  There is so much to learn that I don't think I would ever take the big step if I felt I had to be perfect at it.

So, while the result may be a less than perfect start, it is an interesting ride, and we will surely learn something along the way!

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