Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Up for Sale

Opening just this week, DenKnits currently has three items for sale. The first item I've listed is a set of three cloths in light blue, light green, and white. These can be used for washing dishes, your face or your body. I made two regular cloths in two different sizes. They are also in different patterns. The third cloth is a mitt for your fingers. I've been using one like this for my dishes and I find it very useful. It is always on your hand and it suds up great. I think it would work nicely to wash your face too.

I have been adding items once a day or every other day. I read that this helps keep your shop in the "Most Recently Added" listing. So, on day two I listed a jean cowl that I knit up using recycled kids jeans. This was quite a project to accomplish. Everything about working with jean material is a challenge! Cutting it is tough and knitting with it is slow going, even on size 50 needles. I think the end result is a very fashionable look though and I plan to do some variations on this.

Most recently listed, is another set of cloths. This set contains two cloths in different shades of green and purple. I again used two different patterns when making these but they are both the same size.

Up for listing sometime soon will be more sets of cloths, another cowl, and some purses & bags.  

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