Saturday, April 26, 2014

DenKnits 2.8 No Edits

I recorded on my iPad today instead of the computer... I forgot how difficult it was to edit and upload more than 15mins so I didn't edit.  I think it went fairly smoothly so you shouldn't notice a big difference except for the titles I like to put at the bottom occasionally will be missing.

Designing - Tulip Top should be available for purchase May 10 or 11.  Testers are still working but one is finished!  We'll do some sort of KAL for mid-May to end of June that will include this top.

WIPs - Charity KAL I am making a lap blanket in the Cashew pattern from Alice's Embrace out of                   Hobby Lobby 'I Love this Yarn' worsted held double.
          - Blanket Squares are still slowly being worked on to create a couch blanket for family
          - Liverpool colorwork that started as a hat but will now be a scarf

FOs - Mizzle by Patricia Martin for the DenKnits KALRAL or you can join Karen of stashless using Martina Behm patterns

Spinning FOs - last 2 samples finished, Llady Llama Fiber Co. and Into the Whirled
                       - Greenwood Fiberworks braid finished as a 3-ply turned 2-ply
                       - Fibernymph Dye Works batt just under 2oz, unsoaked single ply ~270yds

Podcast love - Inspired Knitting
                     - Smells Like Yarn
                     - This Home Spun Life

And thanks to Wendy aka pennywenny from Knit1Hearttoo podcast for trying to help me get on iTunes... I haven't figured it out yet but maybe someday...

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