Saturday, August 2, 2014

2.15 Distracted

Welcome to August!  Hope you were able to take advantage of the free patterns, they're back as paid patterns.  The Scrappy Stripes will now come with matching mitts and Asymmetricowl is still on Ravelry but will also be available as a kit in my store soon!

Finished Objects - DGY Chiffon Ribbon Vest, my own design and I haven't even made a project page!                            - Comfort Blanket ASAP also my own design but there is a project page :-)

Works in Progress - Bonny and Harvest by TinCanKnits are still going
                              - Leaf Lace Scarf I'm designing out of DGY Silk Cloud

Crochet - Granny squares and some other experiments

You can find the story behind the new wheel here.  I spun up some DGY Alpaca Roving and a batt from Joanna of KnitSpinFarm.  Next up I'm going to finish the TreLiz fiber!

Designing - My work for Emily of FiberAddication was at Wool and Wine (or Wine and Wool?) last weekend and the new hat pattern, 'Rock On!' is available now on Ravelry!

Shared Objects Drawing - Another random drawing from group members who shared their finished objects with us!  I had to cut some out and turn the volume down when I was drawing because my dog was barking but I did do it honestly!

Went a Courtin' Cowl Drawing - CoggieTM from The High Fiber Diet has generously offered up her new pattern to one lucky winner!  See the thread in the Ravelry group for the prompt.

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