Sunday, August 17, 2014

DenKnits 2.16 Fun to be judged

FOs (Finished Objects)

  • 3 comfort blankets from bulky/super bulky yarn held double and knit with size 36 needles, take about 2 evenings to finish a blanket (sorry no pics and already gifted)
  • Leaf Lace Scarf from Darn Good Yarn Silk Cloud, my own design
  • Bonny by Tin Can Knits out of Dragonfly Fibers lace weight
WIPs (Works in Progress)

Acquisition - Spin to Knit by Shannon Okey, package deal for hardcopy of the older version, e-copy of the update when available and entry into a drawing all for $10!

  • Handspun Skein Competition
    • I'd never done or watched anything like this before so I went whole hog and entered as many categories as I could, which was 5 out of the 8 available.  Because I learned to spin fairly recently I was in the novice level, there were also intermediate and advanced levels.  I watched the whole judging process, which may be different for every event, but I've reviewed it all for you.  I'd never really seen anyone go into detail on how it works before so I thought it could be helpful for someone and perhaps interesting to others.  I ended up with four ribbons, three 1st place and one 3rd place!
  • Emily of Fiber Addiction had my designs and sample knitting at her booth, I also got to meet her in person officially
  • Emily from Bricolage Studios was in the same tent so I stopped by to say hi and let her know I submitted a skein I spun from her batt into the competition
  • Meet up with KaRi and Lorrie, ran into Dena and Jill and hung out in Jenna's booth, Uniquely Yours
    • Made my own batt using Jenna's drum carder out of Alpaca, BFL, Firestar and Silk Noil, this was probably the most fun!!!
  • Also found Bethany and her daughters and got to see my Tulip Top design 'in the wild' as her daughter was wearing the version she had test knit for me :-)  
  • Acquisitions - This year's plan was FIBER!

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